To edit a blog post without having to unpublish

To edit a blog post without having to unpublish

Asking your audience what they want to read about is sometimes the best way to come up with topics for blog posts! This can be done via email, social media, or surveys on your blog or website. In the event that you allow individuals an opportunity to let you know what they need to find out about, they’ll frequently make the most of it — giving you a lot of extraordinary thoughts to go all the while.

Use prompts
On the off chance that you’re battling to think of blog entry thoughts, prompts can be a lifeline. A brief aides push your reasoning in a specific course so you can begin producing thoughts all the more without any problem. For instance, in the event that you search “blog entry prompts” on the web, you’ll find numerous choices, including prompts connected with explicit businesses or subjects.

To edit a blog post without having to unpublish it and start over, here are some quick and simple suggestions!

Take a break from your post before you begin editing to gain fresh perspective. You’ll be able to see it with fresh eyes thanks to this, and you’ll be able to spot any mistakes or areas that need work faster. Thus, leave your PC for 10 minutes, have some tea, or go for a fast stroll prior to getting back to alter your post.

Use a spell checker After rereading your post with new eyes, run it through a spell checker to find any typos or misspellings. This can be done in Google Docs or Microsoft Word by selecting Tools > Spelling & Grammar.

While you are proofreading your post, make sure to check your grammar as well. Are there any fragments of sentences? Have you used the wrong homophones, like “their” or “they’re”? Are every one of your action words in the right tense?