Making a Blog on Blogger

Making a Blog on Blogger

Sign in to your Google account and explore to the Blogger site.

Click “Make Another Blog” and follow the prompts to set up your blog.

Redo your blog’s plan and design.

Write your first blog post and publish it.

How to Start a Blog on Medium Create an account on Medium.

Click “New Story” to begin another blog entry.

Compose and design your post, and add any pictures or media.

Distribute your post.

Making a Blog on Squarespace

Pursue a Squarespace account.

Modify a template to suit your preferences.

Include a blog page on your website.

Make and distribute your most memorable blog entry.

Making a Blog on Wix

Pursue a Wix account.

Pick a layout and redo it however you would prefer.

Add a blog page to your webpage.

Make and distribute your most memorable blog entry. furthermore, Examination on Medium

Adaptation and Investigation on Squarespace

Customization and Plan Choices: Which Contributing to a blog Stage Offers the Best Highlights?

With regards to making a blog, customization, and plan choices are vital for make your blog hang out in the ocean of online substance.

We should investigate the customization and plan choices accessible on probably the most famous publishing content to a blog stages accessible today.

Customization and Plan Choices on WordPress

WordPress, the most famous contributing to a blog stage out there, offers perpetual customization choices with huge number of free and paid subjects to browse.

The themes can also be easily customized by editing the code directly or using the built-in customizer. The intuitive page manufacturer module,

Elementor, offers much more customization choices for clients who need to make a more special plan.

Customization and Plan Choices on Blogger

Blogger, claimed by Google, offers a scope of formats to browse, however customization choices are restricted.

Colors, fonts, and layouts are the only basic settings that users can change. Adding custom code is conceivable, yet requires some specialized information.

Customization and Plan Choices on Medium

Medium offers a moderate plan with restricted customization choices. Although there are a few different templates available, users are unable to significantly alter the design.

Be that as it may, the spotless and basic plan is ideal for essayists who need to zero in on making content without being overpowered by plan choices.